Services for Pet Professionals

Here are Faithfully Yours Dog Training, we believe in the education and certification of pet professionals. Therefore we mentor budding trainers around Mississippi and support them in furthering their educations in canine behavior, psychology, and the mechanical skills needed to accurately train animals. Listed below are the services we offer to pet professionals who need additional help starting their careers or further education in topics surrounding canine behavior, humane handling of animals, and more.


low-stress Handling Seminars

Whether you are veterinarian with clinic staff handling dogs on a daily basis or a professional groomer, pet sitter, or dog trainer who wants to make visits to your business less stressful for dogs, we are here to educate you on low-stress canine handling techniques. Private seminars can be scheduled for you and your staff at your business location.


Canine Behavior Seminars

During our canine behavior seminars for pet professionals we offer advice on how to better understand the needs of your canine clients and how to meet those needs. This seminar is recommended for pet sitters, dog trainers, vet clinic, and groomers. Private seminars can be scheduled for you and your staff at your business location. 

Focused Dog

Mentorships for Pet Professionals

Our certified trainer, Lauren Tsao occasionally accepts mentorships for other trainers who are looking to improve their training skills, get hands-on experience, or achieve certification through the CCPDT themselves. However, these mentorship opportunities are rare and on a case-by-case basis.