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Disc Dog Practice & Train Classes

Starts September 4th, 2018 • $20 for 1-hour

Ever wanted to jump into the sport of disc dog? We run an hour drop-in training class select Tuesday nights at 6:30pm in Braxton, MS to help newbies and oldies learn new disc tricks, perfect their foundations, and practice disc games together as a group. Five dogs are allowed per class and you should come prepared to crate your dog in your car while other dogs take their turns.

Disc dog is a wonderful sport for beginners to dog sports as the community is friendly and inclusive of many breeds of dogs and types of people. Whether you are looking to get into freestyle, UpDog Challenge, or just improve your toss and fetch game in your backyard, come out and give it a try! We also hold the Magnolia Disc Dogs disc club meetings every month on our property, which are free to attend if you are interested in competing or volunteering at a disc event. Please check the "Book Online" button  at the top of the page for other disc class dates available.

Back to Basics: Manners for Adult Dogs

Starts August 30th, 2018 • $300 for six hours

Back To Basics is a pet obedience group class with up to five students meeting each week to learn about fostering good behavior and manners within the household in their adult dog (five months or older). We will cover skills like no jumping, leash walking, settle, and traditional pet obedience favorites like Sit, Down, and Leave It, as well as teach owners about reward removal, handling distraction, and keeping your dog's focus.

When enrolling you will enroll for six hours of class time, plus get our online orientation video to help you get started even before class begins. This class is held outdoors on Thursday nights at 6:30pm at our 11 acre farm in Braxton, MS so, dogs can learn to practice and train in the "real world". This class is divided into a Fall term and a Spring term and doesn't run through November to December and July to August. Fall term runs from August 30th, 2018 at 6:30pm to October 11th, 2018 at 6:30pm. We will be skipping Thursday, September 20th, 2018, as the trainer is out of town. Enroll for class using the "Book Online" button at the top of the page.


Puppy Brilliance: Superstar Puppy Skills

Quick Cue: Trick Dog Group Classes

Starts August 31st, 2018 • $300 for six hours

Starts September 5th, 2018 • $20 for 1-hour 

Do you have a new puppy you are bringing into your family? Congratulations! This class is perfect for puppies under five months old, who you want to help start off on the right paw. Puppy Brilliance is a series of six 1-hour group classes hosted on Friday evenings  at 6:30pm in Braxton, MS, created with puppy troubles in mind.

We cover pressing topics like potty training, proper socialization techniques, and puppy teething. However our class is so much more than just your basic puppy class, we will help you and your puppy build superstar confidence, problem solving skills, and basic manner foundations through training games, which make training fun and easy for both you and your puppy.

To enroll please click on the "Book Online" button on the Group Classes page and follow the enrollment process. All puppies enrolling should have at least two sets of puppy vaccines completed a week before class begins and should be friendly with people and other animals. Fall term runs from August 31st, 2018 at 6:30pm to October 19th, 2018 at 6:30pm. We will be skipping Friday, September 14th and September 21st, 2018, as the trainer is out of town.

Whether you are looking for some new party tricks, to give your energetic dog some entertainment, or seeking your dog's Trick Dog titles, the Quick Cue group classes are perfect for you! There is no commitment to attend weekly classes, as this class is pay-as-you-go and attend-as-you-please. All vaccinated dogs are welcome to attend this class, regardless of age or breed. Beginner dog owners are welcome to attend! For $20 an hour class, come learn a new trick(s) select Wednesday nights at 6:30pm with a Certified Trick Dog Instructor and Stunt Dog Judge in Braxton, MS.

Some classes we will cover multiple simple tricks and other classes we might cover just one, more time-consuming trick. The tricks covered in that night's class will be listed in the description of the class under the Book Online button at the top of the page, where you can sign up and pay for the classes you want to attend. More dates are listed on the calendar when you click on the button. For those attending to receive their Trick Dog titles, attending just one class with get you free testing for each your Do More With Your Dog! or your AKC Trick Dog title of your choice. 

We look forward to meeting you and your future Trick Dog in class!


Other Classes


Beyond Sit: Obedience Around Distractions

2019 dates tba • $300 for six hours

Beyond Sit is our most popular group classes and recommended for dogs with some obedience foundations and owners with concerns about their dogs' manners in public settings. This class meets six times for 1-hr over the course of six weeks.

If suddenly your dog is no longer listening, pulling on leash because they need to say hi to every that moves, or too distracted to focus in public, it is time to consider training outside the home with the help of our trainer. This class is held at local parks in Brandon, MS or our facility in Braxton, MS so, dogs can learn to practice and train in the "real world".


Level Up Your Dog: 15 Cues in Six Hours

2019 dates tba • $300 for six hours

Level Up Your Dog is our answer to beginner students wanting to jumpstart their dog’s training careers.  The Level Up Your Dog class covers 15 various cues including basic cues like sit, down, stay, and recall - plus some pretty cool tricks. This class meets six times for 1-hr over the course of six weeks and can be held in either Braxton or Brandon, MS.

This class is excellent for dogs without any training at all, but dogs with some basics will still get much from the class.


Dog Sports Foundations: Multi-Dog Sport Skills

2019 dates tba • $300 for six hours

Have you ever wanted to get started in the world of dog sports, but feel too intimidated? Are you not sure your dog has the manners, natural ability, or confidence to excel in the ring? If you aren’t sure what sport to start with, your dog needs a refresher to clean up sloppy performances, or you are looking for a class that isn’t just sit and stay, this group class will be perfect for you! This class meets six times for 1-hr over the course of six weeks and is held in Braxton, MS.

Don’t worry if you aren’t dreaming of competing, Dog Sports Foundations covers many skills that apply to your daily life with your dog too, like crate training, heeling, and how to play appropriately with your dog!


Zen Doggie: Relaxation Skills for Dogs

2019 dates tba • $300 for six hours

If you have a hyper active dog who can't seem to calm down or a dog with anxiety when you leave them alone, the Zen Doggie group class is the class for you! This class meets six times for 1-hr over the course of six weeks and is held in Brandon or Braxton, MS.

Zen Doggie covers skills like relaxing, focusing during training, crate training, general anxiety when confined or left alone, and relaxation techniques. This class is often compared to a yoga class for dogs, as we play relaxation music during class and each classes has a similar flow.

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