Long Distance Training - Phone/Skype Sessions

Technology has brought dog training a long way. Along with these changes and benefits, comes the ability to have training sessions with Certified Professional Dog Trainers and Associate Certified Behavior Consultants around the world to get a dog behavior & training education that might not be possible in your own area.

Phone and Skype sessions are a great way to supplement your at-home training for very low, have a professional help you when you are stuck, or ask for general advice on raising your dog the right way. Videos and links will be provide to our own student resources, as well as outside resources with might be helpful to you after your phone session.

People often underestimate the power of these services at first, but our students has always been pleasantly surprised by how much information they walk away with in just a short hour phone call!

Topics We Can Cover:

• Potty training and play biting
• Socialization plans for puppies
• Setting up for a new puppy or dog
• Perfecting obedience skills & manners
• Sound phobias

• Separation distress/anxiety & its prevention
• Common concerns like barking, digging, etc
• Behavioral issues, like aggression & reactivity
• Multi-species training for birds, cats, and small animals
• Consultations with behavior consultants and trainers


Enroll now!

You can set up a phone/Skype session directly with your trainer by contacting us via our Contact Form.

Phone/session session are $75 an hour.

To contact us to book a session, please click here.


Phone/Skype sessions can be rescheduled for free one time within 48 hours before your first scheduled session time. There are no refunds on phone/Skype sessions.