What are Puppy Club Meetings?

The first rule of Puppy Club - tell everyone about puppy club! Puppy Club Meetings are off-leash, trainer-supervised socialization classes for puppies. During Puppy Club Meetings, a certified professional dog trainer will supervise off-leash play with other puppies while teaching you about puppy body language and how to make socialization fun - not scary.

We will also cover relaxation techniques, socialization exercises, and manners for puppies during short training exercises that can vary at each Puppy Club Meeting and you get to meet other puppy owners going through the same struggles. No meeting is the same!

Puppy Club is for puppies 8 weeks to 16 weeks of age only and requires two sets of puppy vaccines completed at least one week before your puppy's first Puppy Club Meeting and considered to be in good health by your veterinarian and have proof of a negative fecal test. Our vaccination policy is aligned with the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior's position and recommendations, which you can read here.

A 1-hour Puppy Club Meeting is a nonrefundable $20 fee and any puppies that meet the health and age requirements that are friendly with people and dogs are allowed to attend.

This class is not suitable for puppies already showing reactivity (barking, lunging, and/or growling at other dogs or people in a non-playful manner). If your puppy is displaying these behaviors, these classes could be counterproductive, so please sign up for private 1-on-1 training instead.

Where are Puppy Club Meetings?

Puppy Club Meetings are held at our 11-acre farm in Braxton, MS at varying times. Please check the calendar below for the full schedule.

Amenities include a private fenced-in area and/or indoor training space (depends on size of classes and weather), so puppies are only exposed to sights trainers can control, puppy agility equipment, a hanging herb garden planted with your dog's relaxation and bug repelling in mind, covered seating area with fan/heater, and free bottled water and coffee for humans. Our space is treated with Rescue disinfectant before and after Puppy Club Meetings.


Next Meeting: Jan. 8th

Our next Puppy Club Meeting will be Jan. 8th at 1:00pm.

One Puppy Club Meeting is only $20 per puppy/owner team.

Must be up-to-date on vaccines, dewormer & flea and tick prevention, and have a negative result on last fecal test.

Only for puppies between 8 weeks to 16 weeks of age.

No reactive or aggressive dogs allowed in puppy club meetings.


Training Yard
Border Collie Puppy
Puppy and Trainer
Training Yard

Some photos by Alyssa Card Photography.