Lauren at Faithfully Yours Dog Training is an EXCELLENT dog trainer! Very patient and really helped us when we rescued Bo!
— Demarco C.

I thought you’d be happy to hear that my girl is doing great!

My sister’s 3 month old baby comes over frequently and although she is curious and a little scared of him, she does not bark, growl, or show any signs of aggression whatsoever.

There is now no anxiety or hesitation with strangers coming to visit the baby either. She simply kennels up, stays quiet, and everyone is happy!
— Sara R.


I had to tell you how grateful I am! I’m so happy I could cry! My pup let me harness him this morning with no biting and did a perfect leave-it on our walk!
— Carly M.

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Just a short update on our dog barking in the car: he did great! Didn’t bark once going home! We treated him heavily during his quiet periods and I am convinced it helped!
— William B.


Great trainer! She helped me a ton with my 8 month old dog Scamp when I first got him. She answered all my questions over email very quickly and she works well with dogs. If you are looking for a positive dog trainer for your dog, I recommend Faithfully Yours.
— Allison P.

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