New At-Our-Location Training Service

We are happy to announce that our insurance has given us the green light to use our personal training yard for client training!

What does this mean for Faithfully Yours? That we are opening up more training slots during the week and that you can now travel to us to train in a safe, fenced in environment for private sessions in northeast Jackson.

We are adding nine new private at-our-location slots a week, which means if you have been trying to get in for training soon, we can get you started as soon as the next two weeks if you sign up now! These new sessions will be held Tuesdays through Thursdays from 12pm to 5pm.

Please head over to our contact page if you are interested in signing up. Pricing and services are the same as our in-home programs.

However, this will not be a training option for those with behavioral cases - we still need to come to your home for those more complex cases.

We look forward to training with you soon!