Dog Sports Sampler

Dog Sports Sampler



Have you ever wanted to get started in the world of dog sports, but feel too intimidated? Are you not sure your dog has the manners, natural ability, or confidence to excel in the ring?

If you aren’t sure what sport to start with, your dog needs a refresher to clean up sloppy performances, or you are looking for a class that isn’t just sit and stay, this group class will be perfect for you! This class can be modified to suit all ages over three months.


  • Off-leash work and reliability for sports

  • Getting focus and engagement in the ring

  • How to keep your dog relaxed when crated

  • Building confidence in new situations

  • Intros to a variety of sports like disc dog, agility, stunt dog, rally, and more

  • Creating solid foundational skills for sports

  • Working around other dogs and distractions

  • Creating a well-rounded sports dog with drive and focus


All dogs enrolling should have up to date vaccines completed a week before class begins, be up to date on their flea/tick preventative, and have a negative result on their last fecal test. Dogs should not have any medical reasons they cannot safely attend class.

Only dogs above the age of five months at the time class begins will be allowed to enter class. However dogs under the age of a year will not be allowed to take high jumps or hard landings in class.

Dogs should be friendly with people and other animals. This class is not suitable for dogs already showing reactivity or aggression towards people or other dogs. Dogs displaying these behaviors will not be allowed to attend class and owners risk not receiving a refund.

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