Family Dog Manners/CGC

Family Dog Manners/CGC



Back To Basics is a basic obedience group class with up to five students meeting each week to learn about fostering good behavior and manners within the household in their adult dog (five months or older). 


  • Household manners (ex. no counter surfing, no jumping on guests, etc)

  • Getting focus around distractions

  • Reducing pulling on leash and jumping up

  • Building confidence & engagement

  • Taking the AKC Canine Good Citizen exam

  • Sit, Stay, Come, Go to Mat, and more foundation cues

  • Preventing unwanted behaviors & aggression

  • Creating a well-rounded family dog with manners


All dogs enrolling should have up to date vaccines completed a week before class begins, be up to date on their flea/tick preventative, and have a negative result on their last fecal test.

Only dogs above the age of five months at the time class begins will be allowed to enter class.

Dogs should be friendly with people and other animals. This class is not suitable for dogs already showing reactivity or aggression towards people or other dogs. Dogs displaying these behaviors will not be allowed to attend class and owners risk not receiving a refund.

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