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Upcoming Classes & Workshops


Puppy Brilliance: pUPPY fOUNDATIONS
nEXT cLASS: jAN. 8TH - fEB. 26TH

Puppy Brilliance is a puppy obedience group class held in Braxton, MS with up to five students meeting each week to learn about socializing, training, and raising their puppies (under five months old) to be superstars - whether they are future pets, sports dog, or therapy dogs.

Next Class: jAN. 9TH - fEB. 27TH

Back To Basics is a basic obedience group class with up to five students meeting each week in Braxton, MS to learn about fostering good behavior and manners within the household in their adult dog (five months or older). This class covers topics like appropriate guest greetings and loose leash walking.

nEXT cLASS: jAN. 9TH - fEB. 20TH

Have you ever wanted to get started in the world of dog sports, but feel too intimidated? If you aren’t sure what sport to start with, your dog needs a refresher to clean up sloppy performances, or you are looking for a class that isn’t just sit and stay, this group class will be perfect for you!


Private Training

Faithfully Yours Dog Training has become famous locally for our private training programs offered in the Jackson Metro area, that allow us to work with families one-on-one on the training skills that really matter to them! Our private training services are our most popular and we begin working on your customized training plan as soon as you contact us. Our programs cover everything from basic obedience, dog sports, therapy dog work, to severe behavioral concerns.


"Just wanted to extend my thanks and gratitude because before your training our worlds were, very simply put, rocked.
We weren't sure how we going to move forward with our dog's behavioral problems."
- Sarah R.



If you feel like you can't get results without a firm hand, speak with us at Faithfully Yours Dog Training in Braxton, MS first. We train over 200 hundred dogs and their families each year with outstanding results from behavioral cases, basic obedience, to dog sports. Since opening in 2014, our mission has been filling the gap in Mississippi's positive dog training industry and providing owners with options that build their relationship with their dog.


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Group Classes

Faithfully Yours Dog Training offers group classes for every breed and age of dog! Each class covers different training topics suitable for your dog's personality, breed, training needs, and age group. We only take five dogs max for each group class to ensure our trainer can help each person reach their training goals and give students the attention they deserve. 

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Our Methods

Here at Faithfully Yours Dog Training, LLC, we teach dogs and their people how to communicate without the use of pain or discomfort by following the LIMA principles. We do not use prong, choke, or shock collars and we get results by reinforcing desirable behaviors using positive reinforcement. During our programs, we teach owners how to use clicker/marker training to achieve results humanely with minimal stress for the dogs.


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