Meet Our Trainer

Lauren Training Dolphins

Our trainer, Lauren Tsao (formerly Parks) founded Faithfully Yours Dog Training, LLC in March 2014 to help dog owners live stress-free lives with their faithful companions.

Lauren is one of Mississippi’s only professional dog trainers certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, the nation’s largest certification board for dog trainers and an Associate Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (ACDBC) certified by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. She recertified in October 2017 for three more awesome years as a CPDT-KA with almost double the needed CEUs. 

Lauren is also a Certified Trick Dog Instructor and Certified Stunt Dog Judge through Do More With Your Dog! Lauren has an Associate of Arts with a concentration in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She and her training advice has been featured by Honest Kitchen, 4Knines (1, 2, and 3), SuperTalk MS radio show, and WLBT/FOX40.


Lauren holds several other titles including: 

Lauren has been training animals as a hobby since she was eleven years old. Once Lauren got her grandmother’s dog, Daisy, enrolled into an agility training class, that was all she wrote! Lauren was bitten by the training bug. Lauren is a multi-species trainer and has trained many different types of animals, including horses, dolphins, sea lions, cats, gerbils, birds, and more. She graduated from ABC Training Systems’ Dolphin Trainer Academy Advanced Program in September 2018 after completing her two final projects, which were handling two dolphins during a guest swim encounter and training an African Pied Crow to select coins from a selection of toys to put into a piggy bank and the coins needed to be placed in the bank front-facing side only and in numerical order.

Lauren holds a keen interest in agility, disc dog, and competition dog training that sticks with her today. She owns three beautiful dogs; Booski, the Corgi/Jack Russell mix, Beretta ITD, the Australian Kelpie, and Oakley ATD, the Border Collie. Lauren has learned from trainers and behaviorists like Victoria Stillwell, Bob Bailey, Shelley Wood, Chirag Patel, Emily Larlham (kikopup), Pat Miller, Claudia Fugazza, Sara Carson, Andrea Rigler, Kyra Sundance, Sue Sternberg, Susan Garrett, and many more.

You can view videos of dogs Lauren has worked with over her training career that have completed their training and dogs in training with Lauren to get an idea of her training methods, by visiting her Training Video Portfolio by clicking here.

About Brindlewood Farms


In the summer of 2018, the Tsao's purchased a log home on a beautiful 11-acre homestead in Braxton, MS as their personal residence and as a future home for the ever-growing Faithfully Yours Dog Training. They will be expanding the property over the next few years to include various rentable spaces for different dog sports and an animal farm. Their idea is to give city dogs a taste of country living while offering top-tier training services for every variety of dog and owner.

For now, dogs and owners can come out and enjoy the large fenced-in and lighted outdoor training yard, wrap-around porch, indoor training space with matted flooring, and walking trails that run along a creek and through the pine forest on the property, while learning about positive training techniques. If your dog is missing the great outdoors, they will absolutely love coming out to Brindlewood Farms for reward-based training by Faithfully Yours Dog Training's staff.

Visitation of the property is for paying clients only and by appointment only. Please allow the Tsao’s privacy and normalcy as they live on the property.

Meet The Dogs


Beretta, Lauren's Australian Kelpie, who is now five years old, is likely the most influential force in the creation of Faithfully Yours. Lauren rescued Beretta sight unseen after seeing her listed on Craigslist for free. Upon arriving home in Mississippi, it took over half an hour to get Beretta out of the car because she was growling at everyone who approached her. Beretta was described as "shy" in her listing, but in reality she was displaying fear aggression towards strangers and other dogs.

It took three months for Beretta to really come around and at first, she didn't like Lauren very much and clung to Lauren's now-husband instead. After three months of intense moments and baby steps, Lauren had fully gained Beretta's trust and they began training to overcome Beretta's reactivity and general unfriendliness towards strangers and other dogs. At this point, Lauren found that most trainers in the area either wouldn't work with Beretta or recommended euthanasia without even seeing Beretta in person.

What was a person to do? Beretta had never bitten anyone and was simply scared from past owners failing her. Lauren couldn't accept that Beretta should die for others' mistakes. So, she started attending classes and workshops for professional dog trainers around the country in order to help Beretta on her own. This sparked a fire in Lauren to help others in the same position she was once in.

Beretta now lives happily with two other dogs and has tolerated several foster dogs coming in and out of the home over the years. She has turned into an amazing dog that has well exceeded the expectations of everyone who has helped Lauren with her along the way. She has earned her Do More With Your Dog! Intermediate Trick Dog title and trains in Rally Obedience/RallyFree.


Booski is Lauren's first official dog that was her's and her's alone. And boy, did she pick out a dog that knew how to overcome obstacles. Booski is a 15 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi/Jack Russell mix that Lauren rescued.

Her original owners had named her Ditzy because they felt "she was so stupid, she would never learn anything." Booski and her sister (who now lives with Lauren's mother) were originally purchased by the past owners from a puppy mill situation and then brought home as a gift to their grandchildren. When their grandchildren didn't like Booski, she was offered to Lauren who promptly took in this little dog no-questions-asked.

Booski was scared and timid from being in the puppy mill situation and she is still a bit shy to this day. Much of Lauren's training with her has been about building confidence. However, she definitely isn't "ditzy". Booski went on to train in agility and then retired after a check-up revealed a heart issue that would end her agility career. Booski still enjoys training for fun and knows quite a few tricks. Lauren and Booski have done so much over the years together, but the most important thing was Booski being a consistent and reliable friend through out Lauren's life.

Booski was a bridesmaid at Lauren's wedding last year and Lauren had an entire plan to relieve Booski of her duties early if she became nervous around all the new people and stress that comes with a wedding. She kept telling everyone not to expect much and that Booski might not even make it through the ceremony. This is an under-socialized puppy mill dog we are talking about! However, Booski was the least of Lauren's worries that day because Booski walked down the isle, sat quietly through the whole ceremony in front of a whole crowd, and then proceeded to sleep on her dog bed the entire reception after she solicited all the guests for attention, of course. Booski has been the talk of the family ever since and definitely out shined Lauren at her own wedding. 


Oakley is Lauren's newest addition and came to join the fun in 2017. Oakley is a one year old brindle Border Collie, who has taken the world by storm. Oakley, also known as Oakley the Wonder Collie, has over 7,000 followers on Instagram and has modeled for Barkworthies, Pet Qwerks, Natural Only Pet, Herding Dog Designs, and more. Oakley has been featured in a coloring book, qualified for the UpDog International Finals on the second day of her very first disc dog event, and has been featured on BuzzFeed three times (1, 2, and 3).

This little dog is a powerhouse. People call and ask if we have experience with high drive dogs all the time and you can't find a dog with much higher drive than Oakley. For the first six months, we literally never saw Oakley sleep because she would bounce out of bed ready for training when she heard someone enter the room.

Lauren and Oakley currently compete in disc dog around the country together and have an remarkable bond.  Oakley has done disc and agility demos with Lauren for her training classes, the Girl Scouts, and even Santa himself. Oakley has trained in disc, agility, herding, barn hunt, stunt dog, and IPO so far. Not to mention she already has her AKC Advanced Trick Dog title and her Do More With Your Dog! Advanced Trick Dog title that she earned at less than a year old.

Lauren and Oakley have trained with influential trainers like Kyra Sundance, Sara Carson, and Andrea Rigler.

On top of this, Oakley has managed to win over Beretta, while keeping a busy training schedule. We expect Oakley to have a bright future in sports and that she will teach Lauren some new tricks along the way too!