Desensitization & Counter Conditioning Workshop

Feb 9th - fEB 10th, 2019
$200 for both days per dog/handler
Braxton, MS

Our Desensitization & Counter Conditioning workshop is a two-day workshop that will be held Feb. 9th from11am to 3pm and Feb. 10th from 12pm to 4pm at our location in Braxton, MS and our trainer Lauren Tsao will be teaching during the workshop.

This workshop will cover the basics of desensitization & counter conditioning and how to use these skills to help your dog overcome aggression, reactivity, and fears/phobias. All dogs attending must be up to date on vaccines and have proof their last fecal test was negative.

Day One will just be human attendees and Day Two will be dog and human attendees. It is $200 for the full weekend and attendees are required to attend the first day to attend day two if they want to do hands-on work with dogs.


Coming Soon!

$____ for both days per dog/handler
Braxton, MS

New workshop/seminar to be announced soon!



How to Enroll:

1. PICK YOUR WORKSHOP: Select which workshop you would like to attend by scrolling up on this page and reading through what offerings we currently have available and how much each workshop/seminar costs. Make sure your dog is the correct age for that workshop too.
Don't see something of interest? Check back as we add new workshops/seminars often.
2. ENROLL: Enroll in your select workshop or workshops by clicking on the blue "Book Online" button below. Then follow the registration process and pay for your workshop. It is that easy! If you don't see the blue button, refresh the page and allow it time to load.
3. SEND VACCINATION RECORDS: After you have registered, please send your dog's vaccination and required medical records to your trainer by emailing them or texting them at the provided number on your workshop registration email. You can simply send a photo of these records taken with your phone.
4: FOLLOW-UP: Your trainer will then follow-up with you shortly welcoming you and sending you any other information you might need to prepare for your workshop/seminar. Driving directions will be sent to you at this time.

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