Cancellation Policy

There are no cancellations 48 hours before your session. After that point, your session will be considered used and there will be no refunds or rescheduling for a later date. We send out email/text reminders about sessions three days before your scheduled session to help clients redeem their sessions. There are two free reschedules allotted for each program.

There are no cancellations on group classes and workshops. 


Refund Policy

Group classes, workshops, private programs, and long distance training sessions must be paid for in full at the time of enrollment. There are no refunds given on group classes or long distance training because we cannot fill your spot in time.

Private programs require the full program amount be paid at the time of booking via Stripe. 50% of this amount is immediately taken as a nonrefundable deposit. The remaining can be refunded up until two weeks before your program was originally scheduled to start. After that, the entire amount will become nonrefundable due to difficulties fill your spots at that point.

There are no payment plans offered for any of our services. There are no refunds on programs after payment has been made.

We have the right to discontinue training with you for any reason we see fit without refund. If you cannot comply with safety protocols, follow instructions, or bring a dog who is sick or injured for training, we will discontinue our services with you without refund.


Privacy Policy

We take our clients' privacy very serious and understand some training issues can be embarrassing or even a liability. We do not share or sell your name, address, or contact information with outside parties (excluding your listed vet or vet behaviorist) unless you have given us written permission to do so.

In the case of legal action, we will be required by law to share what information we have and this might include private information, contact information, or information regarding your dog's training.

Any photos taken of you and your dog during our training sessions belong to Faithfully Yours Dog Training, LLC and by agreeing to have your photos taken, you are agreeing to allow us rights to use these photos for marketing, website materials, social media, printed materials, and/or money-making purposes, without compensation. 


We ask that owners with aggressive and/or dangerous dogs understand that our staff's and the general public's safety always comes before their dog. We take safety very serious at Faithfully Yours Dog Training, LLC and we do not take aggressive and/or dangerous dogs on field trips outside of their neighborhoods. Aggressive dogs will not be allowed to attend group classes or workshops - unless otherwise stated.

We have a "muzzle up" policy, which means all dogs that have bitten previously, whether human or animal, or that we deem to be a bite risk, will be asked to wear a Baskerville basket muzzle during our training sessions. If you refuse to purchase or have your dog wear an appropriate muzzle, we will cancel your sessions with you without refund.

Aggressive Dog Policy