Faithfully Yours On The News!


We are happy to announce that last night we were featured in a segment on therapy dog training (not to be confused with service dog training), on WLBT and FOX40. A news reporter got to see a day-and-a-life as a dog trainer, as we trained a Labradoodle puppy named Merlin and went with Faithfully Yours graduate, Misty the Therapy Dog's owner, Gloria Thompson to volunteer at a nursing home in Madison.

Misty the Goldendoodle has been volunteering as a therapy dog for over two years now and has come such a long way since we first met her as a puppy. Can you believe that before training she used to a chronic jumper? With a little of bit positive training and practice with her owners, Misty turned out to be an amazing dog, not only for her owners', but also those who need a smile brought to their faces.

Merlin is a brand new client who is just starting with us and I can't wait to see how the little guy turns out and what "career" his owner pick for him - whether it be therapy dog or amazing companion.

if you are thinking about having your dog trained as a therapy dog, please check out Therapy Pets Unlimited, the organization we evaluate therapy dogs for. You can start the process of signing up to take your exam there.

If you don't think you are ready to take the exam, we can a Beyond Sit group class starting March 4th, 2018 that is popular with our therapy dog teams in training and we have a brand new three-hour workshop coming up March 17th, 2018 that teams could also benefit from attended called Get Focused!, which will help you and your dog learn to navigate distracting environments and introductions to strangers and other dogs.

We are also in huge need of new facilities for therapy dogs to travel to, within the Therapy Pets Unlimited network. Please contact Therapy Pets Unlimited to start the process of becoming a facility these dogs can visit, so we can help spread the joy that therapy dogs bring to others. Hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and libraries could hugely benefit from an assigned and insured therapy dog visiting their locations.