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SOLD OUT! March 4th Beyond Sit Class Begins!

  • Faithfully Yours Dog Training TBA Brandon, MS United States (map)

This class is now sold out! Thank you to everyone for their interest!

*We will be skipping the Sunday of March 18th due to our trainer being out of town and April 1st due to Easter, making this class' pending graduation date April 22nd, 2018*

Our semi-private group class called Beyond Sit: Obedience Around Distraction has been one of our most popular classes since we started Faithfully Yours Dog Training. We believe it is because it covers what owners are most interested in: a pet dog that can behave in public settings.

This group class covers loose leash walking around distractions like crowds and other dogs, meeting other dogs and strangers politely, and reliable recalls. If you have an over-the-top friendly dog that just wants to say hello to everything with the grace of a bull in a china shop, this is the class for you!

How does your class help me?

The Beyond Sit class is for dogs that already have a general obedience foundations, but when their owners take them outside of the house, it falls apart. If suddenly your dog is no longer listening, pulling on leash because they need to say hi to every that moves, or too distracted to focus, it is time to consider training outside the home with the help of our trainer.

  • Build up your dog's training around distractions, like noises, cars, bicycles, other dogs, strangers, food, and even, the occasional goose that might be at the park.
  • Students will be able to opt to take their AKC Canine Good Citizenship and/or AKC Puppy S.T.A.R. test on the last day of the course if eligible.
  • Our core skills covered in this class are dog greetings, greetings with strangers, loose leash walking, recalls, and cues like leave it and drop it.
  • Learn how to avoid situations with other dogs or people and how to politely say no thanks to on-leash greetings with strange dogs and people petting your dog.
  • Make connections with other dog owners who are interested in dog training and have overly-friendly dogs too.
  • You will leave this program with the confidence that you can handle the general public and venture out of the house with your dog.

We cover all this information in six 1-hour group classes in Brandon, MS for just $300.

If you have a dog that is overly friendly, young and distracted, or you just have plans to take your dog on trips or to dog-friendly events, enroll in this group class today!