Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our training services, training in general, and what to bring to class. We recommend reading over these questions before enrolling in a Faithfully Yours Dog Training program or class.


When will my dog be old enough for training?

You and your dog can start training as soon as you like! Since we do not use any harsh or aversive training methods on dogs, we can start training at any age. We have worked with dogs as young as six weeks old to dogs as old as fifteen years old. We prefer to work with the dogs as soon as possible to prevent further reinforcement of unwanted behaviors and encourage desired behaviors early in life.

Classes, workshops, and training at our location will require certain vaccines be completed first, however in-home sessions will just require age-appropriate vaccines.

Can you train any breed, age, and deaf or blind dogs?

Yes! We can train any breed of dog, as well as any age. We also have experience working with deaf and/or blind dogs. Our trainer has even worked with horses, gerbils, rabbits, and cats using similar techniques. All mammals learn through positive reinforcement on a daily basis, whether we are purposely training them or not. Therefore we do not need to make extreme changes to our training techniques to accommodate various types of dogs.

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What should I bring and wear to class?

We recommend all owners have a front-clip harness, like the Balance Harness by Blue-9, a five to six foot regular nylon or rope leash, as well as various high value treats and/or toys to reward their dog with. Some dogs will prefer toys, some dogs will prefer food, and some dogs might have more creative reinforcers. No worries! We have worked with some pretty picky dogs and can accommodate them when needed.

Dogs with a previous bite history (with animals or people) might be asked to wear a basket muzzle for safety purposes. We recommend the Baskerville Basket Muzzle.

We recommend owners dress casual and comfortable and wear tennis shoes.

Do programs expire?

Yes, training programs do expire.

Our six session programs expire eight weeks from your enrollment date. Our eight session programs expire ten weeks from your enrollment date. You are allowed two reschedules during this time period.


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Would you travel outside of your service area if I paid you extra?

Unfortunately, due to limited time and the amount of calls we get from clients, we only offer training services at our Braxton location at this time.

Can I bring my aggressive/reactive/fearful dog to your group classes for socialization?

For safety reasons, we ask that only friendly, sociable, and controllable dogs enroll in group classes. We would recommend an in-home private training program instead for dogs that are still working on social skills with other dogs.



What vaccinations are required for your group classes or private programs?

For group classes and private programs, we require your dog be up-to-date on their rabies (if dog is old enough), bordetella (kennel cough), parvo, hepatitis,  and distemper vaccinations.

Proof of vaccinations must be emailed to your trainer before your program or class start date. Otherwise, you will lose your spot in class or forfeit your session.

Do you train service dogs?

We no longer offer service dog task training. We define a service dog as a dog that mitigates a handler's disability in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. We do not offer diabetic alert training, wheelchair task training, psychiatric task alerts, or any other tasks that help mitigate disabilities.

Service dogs are welcome to enroll in regular obedience programs and classes, however we can offer no advice on disability task training.

We also do not "certify" service dogs. The American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizenship exam that we do offer, does not certify your dog as a service dog.

We do train therapy dogs, which we define as a dog that provides emotional comfort as a volunteer in nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and the like. We do offer certification testing for therapy dogs through Therapy Pets Unlimited. Your dog must be a year of age to enroll for the exam.



What's with all the stock photos? Where are the photos of your clients' dogs?

Actually the photos you see around the website are photos of our clients and their dogs. Our trainer, Lauren Tsao also does photography as a hobby in her spare time. She took almost all the photos around our website either during class exercises or at our yearly client photoshoot of real clients and their dogs.