Three Dog Toy Brands You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Anyone who has taken one of my classes knows I am obsessed with dog toys. I find myself recommending product after product to clients because they simply make sense in their situation. Puzzle dog toys or interactive dog toys are my all-time favorite. They just cannot be beat when it comes to keeping your dog entertained and busy when you do not want them underfoot. So, what is a puzzle dog toy you ask? Well, my friend, it is God’s gift to dog owners who have lost their patience.

A puzzle dog toy is a toy you filled with treats your dog enjoys and then the dog must figure out how to get the treats out of the toy. The Kong is an example of a puzzle toy most owners know about. They are also sometimes called mental stimulation toys or treat dispensing toys. You can use these types of toys for many purposes. You can use them to keep your new puppy busy and to teach them appropriate chewing while they are teething. You can use them to mentally stimulate a hyper dog on a rainy day. You can use them to slow down a dog that swallows their dinner in one bite.

Dog toys aren’t just for fetch anymore! I recently decided to take on retail for Faithfully Yours Dog Training, LLC so, I could give my clients access to dog toys we do not have here in Mississippi. And Mississippi dog owners, you have been missing out on a lot if you have only been buying toys from big box pet stores! This gave me the idea to write this blog about what I believe to be some of the best dog toy brands out there.

You may have heard of them if you are in “the know”. In that case, good on you, you savvy dog owner! If you haven’t, be prepared to ask where some of these dog toys have been your whole doggone life.

1. Planet Dog

Planet Dog is my personal favorite brand. Why? Because they make the most innovative dog toys and their company has this uncanny ability to think like a dog. Almost all the Planet Dog toys are mint-flavored, durable, non-toxic, recyclable, and made in the USA. Planet Dog has thought of the dog plus the dog owner. Their Orbee-Tuff Snoop is amazingly well-planned out for both consumers – the canine and the human. The Snoop is a puzzle toy that can fit a ball inside of it to make the puzzle harder and save your from having to buy fifty different puzzle toys when your dog masters the ones you have. The toy can be turned inside out to clean, making it much easier to clean than Kong toys.

This is why Planet Dog was my first choice when ordering products for our new store. They are nearly impossible to find here in Mississippi, which means Mississippi dogs are missing out – big time! Some of my dog, Beretta’s favorite toys came from Planet Dog. She even lost one of her Planet Dog whistle balls I ordered for her a year or so ago. When she lost it, I was so upset, I ended up ordering another one because it was so much fun to watch her play with it. Those of the kind of dog toys dog owners need – ones that make you want to play with your dog.

2. West Paw Design

West Paw Design is another dog toy company that is getting it right. Their Zogoflex line was obviously made with heavy chewers in mind, but the toys are still fun. Most heavy chewer dog toys I see out there are not fun to throw around because god forbid it hit the china cabinet! They are heavy, massive, and most of the time, stink of rubber. That isn’t any fun for me or my dog. West Paw Design has figured this out though with their Zogoflex line of toys. Beretta loves her Bumi toy I got in a BarkBox a couple years ago for her. Her Bumi toy is still kicking and looks brand new – which is saying something because she tries to kill most of her “favorites”.

They are another “Made in the USA” toy company that guarantees their toys, what isn’t to love?

 3. petprojekt

Petprojekt is one of those up and coming companies. They do not have many well-known products right now, which is a shame because they make some very different and cool dog toys.

Petprojekt seems to focus on durable toys, as well as toys of different textures. They have several dog toys I immediately thought would be perfect for teething  puppies. They are, again, one of those brands making toys for heavy chewers that are still fun. Just because your dog cannot have a stuffed animal doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have a fun toy. Beretta loves her DogEgg by Petprojekt and it is just one of those unique toys people see her carrying around the house and they immediately want to know where it came from.

Hopefully this article sparked your interest in a couple new dog toys for your pet! Faithfully Yours Dog Training, LLC  now carries Planet Dog toys in our online store, if you are at your wits in and need some entertain for your pooch!