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September Dog Sports Foundations Group Class

  • Jackson, MS 39211 (map)


Have you ever wanted to get started in the world of dog sports, but feel too intimidated? Are you not sure your dog has the manners, natural ability, or confidence to excel in the ring? If you aren’t sure what sport to start with, your dog needs a refresher to clean up sloppy performances, or you are looking for a class that isn’t just sit and stay, this group class will be perfect for you!

Don’t worry if you aren’t dreaming of competing, this group class covers many skills that apply to your daily life with your dog too, like crate training, heeling, and how to play appropriately with your dog!

How does your class help me?

  • The Foundations for Dog Sports class covers not only skills for focus and confidence in the show ring, we improve your dog’s manners outside of the show ring too. If you are holding back from attending a show because your dog barks in his crate, doesn’t have a reliable heel, or can’t focus around distraction, this class will help eliminate those stressors.
  • Build a strong foundation for many different dog sports. Whether it be agility, rally, stunt dog, or disc, we can get you started with foundation skills like body awareness, impulse control, and handling your dog positively.
  • Learn how to survive your run when you aren’t allowed to take treats in the ring.
  • Your instructor is a Do More with Your Dog! Stunt Dog judge, who can help you learn how to present yourself and your dog in the ring.
  • Learn how to avoid your dog misbehaving at trials, in the ring, and how to keep your dog safe on show equipment.
  • Make connections with other dog owners who are interested in dog sports and get experience around different show equipment.
  • We cover all this information in six 1-hour group classes in Brandon for just $200.
  • You will leave this program with the confidence to take that next step into dog sports, whether it be competing, investing in equipment for home, or helping your dog feel confident at dog events.

If you have a breed that gets bored easily, needs a challenge, or you just want to have fun with other dog owners, enroll for this group class today!

This program is six 1-hour classes for $200. Payment is due the Monday before class begins. Class is held at our personal training yard in northeast Jackson, MS for six 1-hr classes. Class begins September 9th and will be held at 5pm every Saturday thereafter. (Due to Canine Adventure Camp, the weekend of Sept 16th will be skipped.)  There is one free pre-scheduled make-up class at the end of the series. There are no refunds or partial refunds for missed classes on part of the student.

The class being held outside and will be rescheduled if there is inclement weather. In the event of a weather cancellation, all students will be notified via text message, email, or phone call as soon as we know. We will put up the next week and add a class onto the end at the same time as usual.

If you don’t see a time that works for you, keep checking back. We run these classes through the spring to fall.

Class Curriculum:

  • Class 1: Manners at Trials and Crate Games
  • Class 2: Intro to Do More With Your Dog! Stunt Dog Training (platform work, advanced stays, ring presence, and tricks)
  • Class 3: Intro to Rally Obedience/RallyFREE (advanced heelwork and freestyle moves)
  • Class 4: Intro to Agility (introduction to obstacles, contact work, distance work, and body awareness)
  • Class 5: Intro to Disc Dog (introduction to disc throws, disc games, building disc drive, and disc tricks)
  • Class 6: Intro to Flyball (introductions to ball retrieves, obstacles, and building ball drive)
  • Class 7: Make-up Class (students' choice)


  • Your dog should have a vague idea of how to sit and focus when their name is called.
  • It is preferred the owners have some basic understanding of clicker training.
  • You and your dog must be friendly and sociable with humans and animals alike.
  • Your dog should be up-to-date on all vaccines recommended by your vet.
  • No puppies that haven’t completed all sets of puppy vaccines.
  • Owners should be comfortable coming to class without a prong collar, choke chain/lead, e-collar/shock collar, or training collar.
  • Owners should have to ability to arrive on time, follow instructions, and a desire to learn positive training techniques to build a bond with their dog.