Last Minute Ways to Have a Well-Behaved Dog During the Holidays

Thanksgiving is finally upon us. The hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving and yummy treats just for the humans is enough to drive any dog mad. It could be hours of sitting around doing nothing while their owners cook delicious food they can’t have or talk to the cat-people relatives. Our dogs being underfoot, begging for turkey isn’t exactly helpful when we’re stressed from hours in the kitchen. Many dog owners wait until last minute and then realize a week of training just isn’t long enough to solve their dog’s behavior problems. So, here at Faithfully Yours Dog Training, we started testing a few ways to keep your dog happy while you get ready for the holidays.

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Lab Mix or Pit Bull Mix? – What Shelters Aren’t Telling Adopters

When scrolling through my Facebook feed, I see probably a hundred homeless dogs posted on various shelter and rescue pages a week. Most of the time the dogs are mislabelled as more popular breeds, like Labs or Golden Retrievers. It is impossible for a shelter or rescue to know the origin of most of these dogs, but the general public holds their opinion in high esteem.

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Why Dogs Need Guidance, Not Dominance

Last night, I had a pretty cool experience. In my brochures I was handing out about Faithfully Yours, a man read the section that said I was studying Psychology.

He asked me where I was studying and what plans I had after that. I told him I would be continuing on for my Animal Behavior degree in a year or so. He said, “WOW! They have an animal psychology degree now!?”He then told me this amazing story about his older dog he had trained to sit at intersections on their walks and wait for him to point in the direction they were going, before the dog would continue walking.

He then added, “I used my psychology degree to teach him all that stuff, come to think of it.”

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How to Make an Ortho Pet Bed or Refresh an Old Dog Bed

I have been searching for the perfect orthopedic pet bed for my eleven year old dog, Booski for about a year now. I will admit that I have high standards and I couldn’t find a bed that met my standards that was within a sane price point. Most of the ortho beds were easily over a $100 and all I could think was, “For what? Foam!?”

I am assuming most of you thought the same thing and that is how you came across this blog. One night while looking at the ortho beds for Booski, I got the idea to use an old memory foam bed topper we had laying around in a closet. It could perfectly support her joints and I was throwing it out anyway, so why not use it?

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Training Deaf, Blind, and Three-Legged Dogs

As a dog trainer, I never know who is going to call next. Every client, dog, and family are different. They have different needs, wants, and goals for their dog and household. Of course, there are some common complaints I hear quite often, but most of my job is being creative and making the humans’ lives with their dogs easier. The truth of the matter is most of the “behavioral issues” I see are just dogs being dogs. The dog is perfectly fine and happy. The people, however, have expectations of the dog and are therefore, unhappy when they aren’t met.

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Puppies Bite! How to Stop Puppy Biting

It is that time of year again! It is puppy season! This is the time, us dog trainers, see a huge increase in clients, especially puppy clients. The weather is getting warm, the kids will be out of school, and what better idea than to get a puppy so, they can have summer adventures together, right?

Ermm… maybe not so much.

We have all heard it a million times; puppies are a huge responsibility. As adults, we should be able to handle this responsibility, right? Well, to be honest, puppies are not for the fate of heart. Puppies bite, pee, poop, whine at all hours of the night, and in general, get into trouble.

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Three Dog Toy Brands You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Anyone who has taken one of my classes knows I am obsessed with dog toys. I find myself recommending product after product to clients because they simply make sense in their situation. Puzzle dog toys or interactive dog toys are my all-time favorite. They just cannot be beat when it comes to keeping your dog entertained and busy when you do not want them underfoot. So, what is a puzzle dog toy you ask? Well, my friend, it is God’s gift to dog owners who have lost their patience.

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Five Benefits of Group Dog Training Classes

Dogs, dogs, everywhere dogs! Group dog training classes can be exciting, educational, and social. Here at Faithfully Yours Dog Training, LLC, our best known service is our private training. I found that some dog owners are better suited for group classes however. We have therapy and service dogs that need interaction with strangers, distractions, and other dogs as daily parts of their training. We have puppies that needed to be socialized to dogs, noises, and new surroundings. Most people do not realize the benefits of rolling out of bed to make it to a group class, especially those with the dogs that really need it.

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Top Five Reasons You Should Do Agility with Your Dog

Let me just start this blog by saying, agility is my passion. Out of all the training I do with dogs, agility is my favorite. It isn’t my favorite because you can compete and win fancy ribbons. It is my favorite because the dogs love it and you build an amazing bond with your dog throughout the process. I didn’t think dog owners in Mississippi had an interest in dog agility when I first started training, so I put my passion on the back burner to focus on the needs of my clients.

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Positive Dog Training in the Deep South

My name is Lauren Parks and I have been training dogs using positive methods for 11 years. I started training dogs in Nashville, TN. Eleven years ago, trainers in Nashville were using positive methods to train dogs. Clicker training was highly recommended and you rarely saw a prong collar on a dog. Fast forward to today, I am training dogs in Mississippi.

Mississippi is known for many things. Most of those things are negative, like having obese citizens, having lax animal cruelty laws, and being the most corrupt state in the nation. We are known as being backwards and behind on the times.

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The Science Behind Clicker Training

Clicker training, for those who are unfamiliar (and boy, are you missing out), is a positive reinforcement method that can be used to train any mammal, domesticated or wild. I have even seen fish learn from a modified version of clicker training.

While clicker training, you use a clicker, which makes a “click” noise, to mark the behavior we want to reinforce. The clicker doesn’t mean anything to the dog at first, but by following Pavlov’s lead, we can condition the dog to be reinforced by the clicking sound.

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Crate Training and Housebreaking: The Positive Way

Congratulations on your new fur baby – literally a baby. If you haven’t had an entire night of whining or accident piddling, just wait, it is coming. My recent foster, Rugby (now named Maxx by his forever mom), who many of you have seen in videos I have posted, reminded me of what it is like to have a puppy.

Of course, I am a dog trainer, so I knew what to do the moment he started crying or sniffing around for a potty spot. Don’t think I do not remember the days when I didn’t know though.

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